System Integrators/Installers


Close more sales, cut your costs of providing support and maintenance, and increase customer satisfaction with our remote monitoring, management and control services

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System integrators/installers that want anywhere, anytime remote access to their customers' renewable energy systems rely on Fat Spaniel Technologies.

Our monitoring and reporting services showcases valuable systems information through dynamic graphics, live and historical system performance data, alerting notification, and greenhouse gas avoidance numbers. It is accessible using any web-enabled device.

Our hosted diagnostic and maintenance services allow you to set up automated alerts on system issues. You can use our services to remotely diagnose systems and conduct preventive maintenance to ensure systems are performing as designed. The advantages? You can resolve issues more quickly, optimize system performance, reduce the number of costly on-site visits and increase customer satisfaction.

Want sales and marketing tools that let you build and maintain customer relationships? Your sales teams can use Web views as a powerful sales tool to showcase your successful installations and close more new deals. Live system views encourage customers to visit your website frequently to see how much energy their sites are generating, creating a stronger sense of value delivered. And, Web views can be customized with your company logo to promote your company.

Fat Spaniel services can be used to generate performance reports and collect critical field data. You can create regional and aggregate data reports to benchmark system performance over time. The data can then be analyzed to develop installation best practices and improve system quality.

Diagnostics & Maintenance Services

  • Remotely monitor, diagnose, manage and control systems, without costly "truck rolls"
  • Receive alerts that serve as early warnings to equipment and system issues
  • Perform remote diagnostics, updates and resets to optimize performance

Sales & Marketing Services

  • Showcase customer success stories for more compelling sales presentations and a higher close rate
  • Differentiate your services and improve branding for sales advantage
  • Improve customer service and customer satisfaction to generate more referrals and more new business