About Fat Spaniel Technologies

Fat Spaniel Insight Platform™


Build, share, and run green business applications on a shared infrastructure to provide billing, data analysis and reporting.

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The Fat Spaniel Insight Platform is the world's first open energy intelligence platform. It enables supporting multi-site and multi-vendor renewable energy systems, allowing partners to build, share, and run green business applications on a shared infrastructure. These applications may provide services such as billing, data analysis and reporting.

For energy application developers, this means they can leverage the power of Fat Spaniel’s energy intelligence platform to build full-featured renewable energy Web applications without having to deal with the headaches of building and maintaining an expensive service infrastructure.

Insight Platform also allows the integration of many different vendors’ hardware devices – such as inverters, solar modules, wind turbines, environmental sensors, combiner boxes – into the intelligent management infrastructure.

For manufacturers, this means their products can be easily integrated into a site-wide and portfolio-wide management system. With the Fat Spaniel Insight Platform providing an open management system, hardware manufacturers can focus on what they do best, instead of writing software and managing data centers.

For integrators, installers and anyone else who must deal with system design, integration and O&M services for renewable energy systems, Fat Spaniel Insight Platform provides the assurance of openness, flexibility, adaptability and investment protection for the long term life of the system. Result: higher ROI, lower risk.

The Fat Spaniel Insight Platform offers several points of integration, such as:

  • A Web service interface implemented using Internet standards such as XML and HTTP.
  • Support for Web 2.0 mechanisms for integrating web page elements known as “widgets” into custom web pages.
  • Support for both standard and custom protocols for integrating devices such as inverters – enabling capture, display and alert generation for event codes generated by the inverter.

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