Class: February 24, 2009
Class: March 31, 2009
How it works.
View a Flash demo of how our monitoring services work with these renewable energy systems.
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Fat Spaniel enables you to make the most of your clean energy system by providing Web views that show you information such as how much it is producing, what the temperature and irradiance conditions are, and what quantities of greenhouse gases you are avoiding. These views let both end-users and installer / integrators see how how the system is performing. This visibility is useful for marketing and education as well as for operations and maintenance purposes.

The Web views below are examples of Web views, ranging from standard views included with every system to customized Flash views that are unique to individual customers. Custom views are created on a professional services basis by Fat Spaniel's industry-leading team of designers and programmers.


Interactive Flash Views

Standard Flash view

Loma Linda Fire House (Standard View)

If you need a more slick marketing presentation, consider upgrading to a Flash view. It is perfect for a lobby display, or can be included on your website.

Santa Clara Valley Water District Kiosk

Santa Clara Valley Water District (Custom View)

As a government agency, Santa Clara Valley Water District was tasked with educating the public on its recent solar installation. A kiosk and interactive Flash presentation was developed to describe the project. With the versatility of Flash, the presentation will also be available over the internet in the future.


Standard Demand and Generation Views

Simple view

Loma Linda Fire House

With building demand software from Fat Spaniel, Loma Linda Fire House discovered they needed to space out their equipment startup or face large peak demand charges. The change resulted in a greatly reduced electric bill.


Standard Administration

Detail View

Cornerstone Learning Community

Included with each view is standard Detail view that displays cumulative power in a graphical form for all inverters on one graph, voltage current, and environmental information where equipment has been installed.


Marketing Demonstrations

Real Goods Solar Demo Graphic

Real Goods Solar

A great example of how our partner, Real Goods Solar, has incorporated our monitoring views into their site to upsell solutions.