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Data Ownership and Data Sharing Policy


Your data and your privacy are important to Fat Spaniel Technologies.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By accessing the site and any pages thereof, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below.

Data Ownership

Fat Spaniel makes NO claims of ownership or of proprietary rights in the data it collects from its customers and partners who are the users of its monitoring and reporting services. At the time Fat Spaniel enters into a Service Activation Agreement to provide these services to renewable energy System Owners, it obtains authorization to collect certain information and to share it with appropriate third parties.

Sharing Data with other Service Providers, Manufacturers and Others

Fat Spaniel requires the ability to share data with relevant third parties in order to provide its monitoring and reporting services. This data may include such elements as energy production information, fault information, or asset information such as the model and serial number of a device. These third parties may include entities such as the system integrator or Operations & Maintenance provider who installs and/or maintains the system, the manufacturer of the inverter used in the system, a government regulatory agency providing financial incentives for the system, or a utility company. These third parties typically require this shared information in order to provide their own products and services in support of the System Owner’s renewable energy system. Fat Spaniel may also provide data in aggregated form – in other words, in a form whose source cannot be individually identified – to third parties who are not directly connected to or involved with the monitored system. Such third parties might include research firms, government agencies, and the like.

Compliance with Law

As a good corporate citizen, Fat Spaniel complies with all applicable law and legal obligations with respect to the use and transfer of data. Fat Spaniel Technologies may access and use your data in response to legal process or law enforcement inquiries.