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Fat Spaniel 

Prime Edition

The Prime Edition product delivers high-accuracy, predictive capabilities that address complete lifecycle management. Tailored to operations and maintenance (O&M) teams and project managers, the solutions help optimize solar plant production and overall portfolio performance. Complete operational and diagnostic data is collected continually. Environmental data can be extracted from plant locations or downloaded from satellite services. Breakthrough capabilities are focused in three areas:

  • Plant Management: A full range of device monitoring, troubleshooting, and performance tracking maximizes production while minimizing costs.
  • Revenue Management: Billing and reporting features simplify financial and compliance management efforts.
  • Visualization and Analytics: Rich tools to interactively analyze assets across the user’s portfolio, with the ability to execute advanced analytics on asset performance, energy production, and events related to asset malfunction or system degradation.

Prime Edition helps today’s asset managers and operators achieve industry-leading results such as increased plant uptime, meeting or exceeding production guarantees (or Power Purchase Agreement terms), and driving down total maintenance costs by up to 30%.¬†Flexible product structuring gives customers the ability to choose a service or software solution best suited to their needs.

Of all independently monitored solar electric systems in California, 80% rely on Vision Systems’ solutions.