Partner Portal

Welcome to the Fat Spaniel Partner Portal where you will find information and tools to market, sell and support Fat Spaniel’s products and solutions.

Our partner portal is a Web-based application that allows our company’s customers and partners to obtain direct access to marketing resources, pricing and sales information, as well as technical details and support that are unavailable to other end-users.

If you do not have a Partner Portal log-in, get started by creating a new single sign-on Fat Spaniel userID.  Click here to sign up for your free account.

If you already have an account but have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.

The process is quick and easy! Once you are registered, the site will guide you to the programs and resources you need.

At-a-Glance Tools

  • Quick Start Guide
  • New Products
  • Training Registration
  • Training Videos
  • Submit a Case
  • Service Status Updates