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Genera ‘09: SATEL Partnership, European Offices

First, the market in Spain is very much alive. We’re glad to be a part of the continuing conversation in this important gateway market.

Second, we are pleased to announce our new partnership with SATEL Spain, a company that specializes in collecting data from PV plant sites and radio frequency communications. The partnership represents an industry first, and will give customers a total solution for responsible energy management by combining SATEL Spain’s proven abilities for reliable data acquisition and Fat Spaniel’s industry-leading data analytics and management. Together, the companies have taken the first steps to help customers maximize yields from very-large photo-voltaic (PV) solar installations where devices can be distributed over hundreds of acres.

As a result of this agreement, the companies will jointly market and sell a solar management solution that includes SATEL radio modems and Fat Spaniel’s Insight ServicesTM. Fat Spaniel will host the PV plant management applications and data, and customers will be able to choose the communications and data collection hardware options that meet their needs. The partnership also addresses the need for on-site hardware support , which is something that SATEL does quite well.

Third, we’re announcing the opening of our new European offices, Fat Spaniel Technologies GmbH in Munich, Germany and Fat Spaniel Technologies S.L. in Madrid, Spain. Germany and Spain are well-established markets, and in order to ensure that we can scale and continue to service these burgeoning solar markets moving forward, today we announced our operational expansion into both countries. 

In addition to these new offices, Fat Spaniel has enhanced its team with the hiring of a Fernando García-Alcalá, our new manager of European sales.  Fernando will lead the company’s relationships with partners throughout Europe. Prior to joining us, Fernando was the country manager for a multi-national provider of monitoring and data services for the renewable energy market–making him an ideal addition to the team. 

The new offices and sales organization will support our growing base of global customers. The regional presence will also strengthen our ties with worldwide renewable energy industry influencers, and will make Fat Spaniel Technologies thought- and technology leadership available worldwide.

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