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Press Releases

Fat Spaniel Technologies and SATEL Spain Partner to Deliver Intelligent Management Solution for Solar Plants

Collaboration Agreement Announced at GENERA’09 Energy and Environment Trade Fair

MADRID, Spain - May 12, 2009 - Fat Spaniel Technologies, Inc., a provider of intelligent management services for renewable energy systems, announced its partnership with SATEL Spain, a company specialized in data collection and radio frequency communications solutions. The partnership represents an industry first, and will give customers a total solution for responsible energy management with SATEL Spain’s proven abilities for reliable data acquisition compliment Fat Spaniel’s industry-leading data analytics and management. Combined, the companies have taken the first steps to help customers maximize yields from very-large photo-voltaic (PV) solar installations where devices can be distributed over hundreds of acres. 

“SATEL’s radio modem technology provides vital communication capabilities for highly distributed solar operations,” said Chris Beekhuis, founder, president and CTO of Fat Spaniel. “The company’s established presence in the energy industry and its depth of understanding of the requirements and challenges made them the logical choice for our collaborative effort. Our technologies are extremely compatible, and we share a commitment to open, industry standards-based platforms. Our combined skill sets, products, and services will enable the first complete end-to-end management solution for solar.”

“By partnering with Fat Spaniel, we can greatly increase the value we provide to our customers in the renewable energy industry,” said Javier de Elias, Managing Director of SATEL Spain. “As a global company, Fat Spaniel has committed the necessary resources to address regional differences while providing a standard platform for energy management that can introduce new levels of operational efficiency for our solar customers. Our partnership brings together the two important parts of the responsible energy equation - reliable data acquisition and in-depth analytics. Operators, project managers, solution integrators, and investors will gain increased visibility over their operations, and will be better equipped to meet their production goals.”

As a result of this agreement, both companies will jointly market and sell a solar management solution that includes SATEL radio modems and Fat Spaniel’s Insight ManagerTM. Fat Spaniel will host the intelligent management applications and data, and customers will be able to choose the communications configuration and management applications that meet the needs of portfolio managers and analysts.

SATEL radio modems communicate wirelessly with each other across a range of up to tens of kilometers. As radio modems are independent of mobile and satellite network operators, no recurring cost is associated with transferring data. Radio modems for both unlicensed and licensed frequency bands are available.

Fat Spaniel’s Insight Manager is an industrial-grade, Software-as-a-Service  (SaaS) renewable energy plant management system.  Insight Manager is a multi-plant management portal that lets you see all of your power plants at a glance, determine their current states of health, see aggregated production and greenhouse gas statistics, inspect event logs and fault information, and drill down into the details of each plant site.

Please visit us at Genera ‘09, booth #9D25.

About Fat Spaniel Technologies

Based in San Jose, California, Fat Spaniel Technologies, Inc. is the leading independent provider of management and information services to the renewable energy industry. Solar power producers, financiers, system integrators, and OEMs take advantage of Fat Spaniel’s Internet-based software service to increase energy output, reduce operations and maintenance costs, contain risk, and increase the return on investment of renewable energy projects. Fat Spaniel is a trusted third-party monitoring service provider that enables remote plant diagnostics and maintenance; revenue-grade data for billing, REC trading, and performance-based incentive collection; and a compelling platform for energy visualization. Fat Spaniel solutions are deployed in 20 countries and over 2,200 locations across the globe. With our partners and customers, we share the vision of a world where renewable energy is the first and best energy source. For more information about our company, please visit us at Genera ‘09, booth #9D25 or visit our website at

About SATEL Spain

SATEL specializes in designing and manufacturing radio modems for long range wireless data communication. For over 20 years, the company’s cornerstones have been RF performance, reliability and service. SATEL’s radio modems have proven their reliability in applications ranging from Mt Everest to nuclear power plants and from professional motor sports to runway telemetry at airports. The company is headquartered in Finland and its distributor network serves over 100 countries. For additional information, visit

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