Solar Operations Services

Complexities are inherent in every stage of the solar portfolio lifecycle. An optimized management platform is essential for driving down costs and remaining competitive. Moreover, an end-to-end solution overcomes the challenges of integration and management and allows operators to focus on their business goals.

Fat Spaniel’s Solar Operations Services (SOS) provide proactive management and monitoring for a portfolio of Fat Spaniel-enabled solar PV plant sites. This key Lifecycle Management service offers customers the efficiencies of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as well as the benefits of Fat Spaniel’s relationships with device manufacturers.

SOS includes:

  • Remote monitoring of a portfolio of PV plants (24 x 7) by Fat Spaniel
  • Analysis of performance and operations
    - Alarm response and fault resolution
    - Designing appropriate escalation processes
    - Failure analysis
  • Proactive portfolio management for optimized ROI
  • Dispatching of third-party field service personnel
    - Even those under separate contract

The SOS solution gives customers the choice of using existing field service personnel or optionally contracting a team of qualified personnel selected from a list maintained by Fat Spaniel.

SOS ideally suits larger customers that own and manage large portfolios comprised of more than 10 solar PV plant sites. Project developers and commercial O&M companies-users with contractual obligations to PPAs and other financiers-are among the job functions that benefit from the service’s cost efficiencies.

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