Insight Platform

Fat Spaniel’s Insight Platform is the world’s first open energy intelligence platform. It enables support for multi-site and multi-vendor renewable energy systems and allows partners to build, share, and run green business applications on a shared infrastructure. These applications may provide services such as billing, data analysis and reporting.

Fat Spaniel’s Insight Platform software and hosted services are tailored to the discrete needs of solar photovoltaic (PV) project developers, system designers, operations personnel, plant owners, and energy consumers. These end-to-end solutions deliver high-accuracy, predictive capabilities that address complete lifecycle management.

All stakeholders in the renewable energy lifecycle benefit from the power of the Insight Platform:

Energy application developers can build full-featured renewable energy Web applications without the headaches of building and maintaining their own costly service infrastructure.

Manufacturers can now easily integrate their products into a site-wide and portfolio-wide management system. With the Insight Platform’s open management system, hardware manufacturers can focus on what they do best rather than writing software and managing data centers. Devices such as inverters, solar modules, wind turbines, environmental sensors and combiner boxes can all work together as part of the intelligent management infrastructure.

Integrators, installers and system designers as well as integration and O&M services for renewable energy systems now have the assurance of openness, flexibility, adaptability and investment protection for the long term life of the system. The result: improved ROI and lower overall risk.

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i.e. Device Support, Analysis, Back-office Integration, Visualization, etc.